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Lonavala Tour and Travel guide. | Budget | Best Time | Food

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to give you complete information about Lonavala tourist place. So if you want to know, then definitely read this article thoroughly, then let’s move forward.

Lonavala tourist place is located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Lonavala is also a very beautiful hill station. Which has become the center of attraction for hundreds of tourists. Lonavala Tourist Place is situated in the Sahyadri Mountains at an altitude of 622 meters and has left a different mark on the famous tourist places of Maharashtra. Lonavala Hill Station is spread over an area of ​​38 square kilometers. If you are looking for a tourist destination around Pune and Mumbai, then Lonavala is perfect.

Lonavala is located

You must have heard about Lonavala located in the Pune district of Maharashtra. Lonavala is very good for all those adventure lovers who have amazing views.

Lonavala Tour and Travel guide.  Budget  Best Time  Food
Lonavala Tour and Travel guide. Budget Best Time Food

How to reach Lonavala?

How to reach By Train

Friends, there are many railway stations near Lonavala to reach Lonavala, you can come from there comfortably.

How to reach by Air

Friends, if you want to go through a Lonavala by airplane, then let me tell you that there is no airport in Lonavala, then for this, you have to land at the nearest airport Pune or Mumbai airport, then from there, you can take the car and other means. can come.

Distance between Mumbai to Lonavala?

The road from Mumbai to Lonavala is 83 km. In which the traveling time takes up to 2 hr 14 min. The distance from Mumbai to Lonavala by plane is 66 km.

Hotels to stay in Lonavala?

Friends, there are many hotels available outside the railway station to stay in Lonavala, whose fare ranges from ₹700 to ₹2000. The cost of the hotel will be according to the facilities you require.

Friends, I would advise you that you should try to stop near Lonavala railway station so that you can get everything easily there.

Which is the Best Time and Season to visit Lonavala?

Friends, there is a very good view in Lonavala during the time of monsoon i.e. during the rainy season. And if you are also planning for the time of monsoon, then it is very best. Apart from this, you can plan to come in any other season as well. And you will enjoy that season too.

How Many days to a good plan for lonavala?

Friends, if you want to roam around Sunao Na well, that means you want to roam and explore each and every point of it. So you plan comfortably for 2 to 3 days in Lonavala. And if you want to roam only in some places, then you can plan to roam for only 1 day.

Although you can roam around Lonavala well in a single day, but if you have come from far away, you will also need some time to rest, then you can also plan for 2 days, it will be better for you if you are far away. If you are coming by traveling from

Food in Lonavala?

So friends, you talk about what are the arrangements for food and drink in Lonavala and how much does it cost, friends, if you go to an ordinary hotel or restaurant, then you will get a plate between ₹ 80 to ₹ 150 there and If you go to a good hotel, then you will get a plate of around ₹ 200. You can eat whatever you like according to your budget.

Places to travel in lonavala

  • Tiger Point– Here you have got very good water fall and welcome movie suiting has also happened there. and tiger point is great for photoshoot.
  • Lonavala Lake- This lake dries up in the summer time but if you go during monsoon then you will find this lake full. So after that you are going to like its views too.
  • Rajmachi Garden– You will also love the view of this because below it you will get to see the Mumbai Pune Highway, it is a very nice view. And it’s also a small garden. So you can spend time sitting in the garden too. And if you are a couple then that too will be a great sight for you.
  • Khandala Point– It is 2 minutes walk from Rajmachi Garden. From this also you will see Mumbai Pune Highway and the view here is also very good. So you can explore that also by going to.
  • Narayani Dham Temple– Narayani Dham Temple is the temple of Goddess Mata. You can go there and ask for visas. can visit them. Narayani Dham Temple is decorated very well. And I would advise you to visit Narayani Dham Temple that you go that night. Because the lighting there is done very well which looks very beautiful at night.

Total budget to travel in lonavala?

Friends, I am going to tell you the total budget for traveling to Lonavala, in which you will get the cost of auto, hotel expenses and your food and drink, then got all this, the cost of about 1 person will be around ₹ 3000 to ₹ 4000.

In the last word-

Apart from this, if you have any other question, then you can tell me in the comment below, how did you like our article, if you found it helpful, then please do follow us in the comment or our Facebook page, then see you in the next article about Tech Care and Bye, have a nice journey.

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