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About Us

What is livepta?

Livepta.com is a travel-related website, which is a very big platform for tourists visiting Uttarakhand and other areas, with the help of which the tourist can get all the information related to that area, small and big, through this website, so that his Traveling experience will be very good and safe.

How the livepta.com website started

start of livepta.com website was started in 2021. Friends live address was started on the basis of my traveling experience, when I went to visit somewhere, I did not know anything about that place there.

so i had to ask everyone to know about there so i started livepta.com by solving that problem my aim is I want to help all those tourists who have visited some other unknown place Goes for a walk so that they cannot study in any trouble, so this is the beginning of livepta.com. The founder of livepta.com is Mr. Rajendra Singh.

My Introduction: Rajendra Singh

rajendra singh

Friends, my name is Rajendra Singh and I am a resident of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand state of India and I have always considered education as important and that is why I am giving free information to all the people related to Uttarakhand through this website. I keep trying

Talking about my education, I have completed B.A. Graduation in 2018 and I have also done a diploma course of 2 years ITI which is based from the Electrician department I am a website developer by profession, and at present in my 20s. There are more websites available on the internet, I’m sorry he won’t be able to tell you about all these websites right now. Due to some security reasons, and at the same time, I have information and certificates about computer courses and many other courses, and in the same way, I try to learn this information from you through this website for free. I will try to give any information.

The purpose of creating livepta.com Mission

My main purpose of celebrating Night Night is that I want to help all the tourists who go to visit some unknown place i.e. they don’t have any idea or information about the place because of which sometimes they Even if they come in trouble, to avoid all these things, I try to give complete information to all of them through. my website.

So they should be ready for all those problems in advance so that they do not face such problems. All the information related to this site is put by us only, that information is taken from our experience and some information is taken from the internet.

Name- Rajendra
Address- Tilwara, Rudraprayag( Uttarakhand )
Email: [email protected]

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